Economic Develop.

Economic Development

The Armstrong County Department of Economic Development provides staff to the Armstrong County Industrial Development Council (IDC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit economic development corporation.  By providing tools such as financing, site selection, workforce development assistance and more, the IDC's goals are to improve Armstrong County’s business environment through retention and expansion of existing businesses and attraction of new investment. Click here for more Information.

Conservation Dist.

Conservation District

The Armstrong Conservation District works to restore degraded watersheds, promote sustainable farms, healthy forests, and growing vibrant and sustainable communities. The District will work with many private and public partners for the betterment of our natural resources and the citizens of Armstrong County. The District provides technical, administrative, and financial support through many programs such as the dirt, gravel, low volume roads program; the agricultural lands preservation program; the erosion and sediment pollution control program; the watershed protection and restoration program; and many other outreach efforts of the District



The Armstrong County Jail, which opened in August of 2003, has a capacity of 158 inmates. The facility grants a safe environment to the Armstrong County community by providing the care and control of the jail's residents.


Belmont Complex

For over 50 years, the Belmont Complex has been a recreational facility that draws over 40,000 residents and visitors alike to the arena, pool and banquet facilities yearly.

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County Contact List

General Courthouse Information:

Armstrong County Courthouse
450 East Market Street
Kittanning, PA 16201

Phone: (724) 543-2500
Standard Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Department Supervisor Phone Fax
Area Agency on Aging Janet D. Talerico 724-548-3290 724-548-3296
Assessment Troy Straitiff 724-548-3217 724-548-3335
Belmont Complex Gary Montebell 724-548-1067 724-548-5455
Children, Youth and Family Services Paula M. McClure 724-548-3466 724-548-3279
Commissioners Chairman 724-548-3215 724-548-3285
Vice Chairman
Controller Myra Miller 724-548-3230 724-548-3204
Coroner Brian K. Myers 724-548-3281 724-548-7349
District Attorney Katie M. Charlton 724-548-3209 724-548-3485
Magisterial District Justices J. Gary DeComo
District 1
James Owen
District 2
James Andring
District 3
Kevin McCausland
District 4
Domestic Relations Denise Brumbaugh 724-548-3249 724-548-2090
Department of Public Safety Mike Mollick 724-548-3431 724-548-3326
Economic Development Michael Coonley 724-548-1500 724-545-6055
Finance Aaron Poole 724-548-3382 724-548-3285
Human Resources Audrey D. Campbell 724-548-3201 724-548-3306
Information Technology Jason K. McClafferty 724-548-3334 724-548-3370
Jail Phillip Shaffer 724-545-9222 724-545-9245
Jury Commissioners Tanya D. Herring 724-548-3286  
Courts Brandi, C. Benton 724-548-3284  
Planning and Development Darin D. Alviano 724-548-3223 724-545-7050
Mapping Bridget Edwards 724-548-3217 724-548-3460
Prothonotary / Clerk of Courts Brenda C. George 724-548-3251 724-548-3351
Probation Regina Himes 724-548-3491 724-548-3460
Public Works Roger W. McMillen 724-548-3444 724-548-3311
Public Defender Preston T. Younkins 724-548-3258 724-548-3235
Sheriff Frank Pitzer 724-548-3265 724-548-3264
Register / Recorder / Clerk of Orphans Marianne Hileman 724-548-3220 724-548-3236
Tax Claim Rebecca Snyder 724-548-3340 724-548-3337
Veterans Affairs Kathy Rashlich 724-548-3441 724-548-3442
Treasurer Amanda Hiles 724-548-3260 724-548-3305
Voter Registration / Elections James Webb 724-548-3222 724-548-3714