Inmate Mail


All incoming letters or correspondence must contain the following information or they may be considered as contraband and placed into inmate property storage or disposed of:
(Inmate's Name Here)
(Housing Unit and Cell # Here)
171 Staley's Courts Road
Kittanning, Pa 16201
2.   All incoming mail must have the full address as shown above and the complete return address including the sender’s full name.
3.   Third party mail is prohibited and will result in a misconduct report being issued to the inmate and may result in sanctions such as segregation time, denial of parole and/or loss of other privileges.
4.   Any mail that contains stickers, glitter, crayon, paint or marker drawing will not be given to the inmate.
5.   All mail whether sent or received is logged. These logs are for administrative use only and will not be given to inmates.
6.   All personal mail may be censored or checked for security purposes. Legal mail will be opened by the inmate addressee in the presence of a staff member.
7.   The Warden is authorized under Title 37 of PA Code to restrict and/or prohibit any mail for valid penological reasons such as introduction of contraband, threats to security or the public, or when requested by intended recipients.