Tourist Bureau

Tourist Bureau

The Armstrong County Tourist Bureau is a resource for anyone planning a visit to our region. Weather it be Hiking, Fishing, camping or busness related we have information for you.

Economic Develop.

Economic Development

The Armstrong County Department of Economic Development provides staff to the Armstrong County Industrial Development Council (IDC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit economic development corporation.  By providing tools such as financing, site selection, workforce development assistance and more, the IDC's goals are to improve Armstrong County’s business environment through retention and expansion of existing businesses and attraction of new investment. Click here for more Information.

Conservation Dist.

Conservation District

The Armstrong Conservation District works to restore degraded watersheds, promote sustainable farms, healthy forests, and growing vibrant and sustainable communities. The District will work with many private and public partners for the betterment of our natural resources and the citizens of Armstrong County. The District provides technical, administrative, and financial support through many programs such as the dirt, gravel, low volume roads program; the agricultural lands preservation program; the erosion and sediment pollution control program; the watershed protection and restoration program; and many other outreach efforts of the District



The Armstrong County Jail, which opened in August of 2003, has a capacity of 158 inmates. The facility grants a safe environment to the Armstrong County community by providing the care and control of the jail's residents.


Belmont Complex

For over 50 years, the Belmont Complex has been a recreational facility that draws over 40,000 residents and visitors alike to the arena, pool and banquet facilities yearly.

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Jennifer Smith
Recycling Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 724-543-2599 ext. 221
The Outdoor Discovery Center at Crooked Creek is the official recycling organization for Armstrong County
Recycling services will be adjusted during the holiday season affecting schedules at the Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County, Armstrong Recycling Center and its remote drop-off trailer sites.
The Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County (PWAC) announced temporary schedule changes for the Progressive Workshop and its recycling services. The measure will provide time off for its clients during the holiday season.
The recycling trailers will be temporarily relocated from all 11 remote drop-off sites to the Armstrong Recycling Center at the Armsdale Complex in Rayburn Township several days before Christmas through to the end of December.
Despite this temporary relocation of trailers and schedule change for staff and clients, people can still drop off recyclable materials at the Armstrong Recycling Center, said Bogie Goughler, PWAC’s vice president of Production & Community Base Services.
Please note the following schedule:

• Dec. 20: Recycling trailers at all 11 remote drop-off locations throughout Armstrong County will be pulled from sites.
• Dec. 25 – Jan. 1, 2020: PWAC and the Recycling Center at 139 Armsdale Road, Kittanning, PA  16201 (Rayburn Township) will be closed for the holiday break.
• Dec. 30, 2019: Recycling trailers will be returned to all 11 sites.
Materials accepted include the following: Newspapers; office paper/magazines; corrugated cardboard; aluminum cans; steel cans; #1 and #2 plastic bottles and jugs; green, clear and brown glass bottles and jars.
Armstrong Recycling Center  
The Recycling Center, located on Route 85 east of Kittanning at the Armsdale Complex, opened in early spring 1995 as a joint effort between the County of Armstrong and the Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County.  Since the Center opened, over 20,830 tons of materials have been collected from individuals and businesses with the number continuing to grow daily. In addition to the Armstrong Recycling Center, interested individuals can also take their materials to one of the sites included in the Recycling Trailer Program or Circuit Rider Program.  
Regular Recycling Center Hours     Recycling Center
Monday:  8 am - 4 pm
Tuesday:  8 am - 4 pm
Wednesday:  8 am - 4 pm
Thursday:  8 am - 4 pm
Friday:  8 am - 4 pm
Saturday:  Closed
Materials Collected:     
 •  #1 & #2 Plastic Bottles & Jugs
 •  Office Paper
 •  Corrugated Cardboard (Center Only)
 •  Newspaper
 •  Magazines
 •  Bi-metal Cans
 •  Aluminum Cans
 •  Clear, Green & Brown Glass Bottles and     Jars
Recycling Trailer Program Recycling Trailer     Recycling Trailer  
To provide convenience and flexibility to individuals interested in recycling, the Armstrong Recycling Center has placed recycling trailers at eleven locations throughout the county.  These trailers are available for use 24-hours per day seven days per week.  
Illegal dumping at Recycling Trailers  
It is never appropriate to leave garbage in or around the recycling trailers.  Recyclables outside the recycling trailer leave the area unsightly and put the site in danger of having to be removed.  If the recycling trailer is full, please take your materials home and contact the Armstrong Recycling Center to have the site serviced.
For a map of Recycling Sites, please click on the link below. 
Materials Collected:    
 •  #1 & #2 Plastic Bottles and Jugs
 •  Office Paper
 •  Newspaper
 •  Magazines
 •  Bi-metal Cans
 •  Aluminum Cans
 •  Clear, Green & Brown Glass Bottles and     Jars