It is the responsibility of the RECORDER OF DEEDS to record and maintain accurate and complete records related to real estate transactions while protecting them from loss, theft or damage.   Documents include land related documents, Veteran’s Discharges, Notary Bonds and Commissions, and Powers of Attorney which deal with real estate.
The staff is available to assist individuals in computer use of  locating documents.  Employees are not permitted to provide searches nor legal interpretation and advice.   With the current system, a search can be done using the first and last name of the individual or by using a book and page.  We cannot search by tax map number nor street address.   If you do not have the tax map number nor the book and page, you may wish to visit the Mapping Department first.   As an individual, you will be able to get copies of recorded documents at $.50 a page (including Plan of Lots), but a large copy (11 x 17) of any Plan of Lots is $3.00 a page.
These records can also be found at  Landex remote is good for frequent searching and Landex webstore is on a pay-per-document basis for the infrequent searcher.  There is a fee imposed by Landex for these services.
The Depreciation Land Program was created for the benefit of the soldiers, sailors and prisoners of war who served in the American Revolution.  These men had been paid in Continental money, which has seriously depreciated which is why this is the name of the program.  According to the Depreciation Lands Museum, there was approximately 720,000 acres of land set aside by Pennsylvania in 1783.
There are two framed historical prints of the Depreciation Lands from the Pennsylvania State Archives hanging in the office.